A Tour for Hate Groups

An organization called Arise USA is a fusion of two far-right strands: deeply anti-Semitic Q-Anon style conspiracies combined with a return of the Posse Comitatus as the solution to the “Deep State.” They are taking a 110-day, eighty-nine stop tour across America.  A short excerpt from an interesting, but very disturbing article about this group follows (slightly edited).

Lead tour organizer, Robert David Steele, is a prolific purveyor of antisemitism who spews conspiracy theories about “satanic Zionists” engaged in a global plot against white people; deems Jews “a secret society that believes itself to be exempt from all laws and customs of others;” promotes Holocaust denial; calls for jailing all Jews not sufficiently “loyal to the Republic;” and declares that we must “eradicate every Zionist who refuses to be loyal to their country of citizenship and the rule of law.”

Former sheriff Richard Mack, a personality on the militia speaking circuit, created the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association to woo law enforcement officials to side with the far-right and revive Posse Comitatus ideas.

Steele and Mack are now working side by side on this tour. In interviews, the two have talked of using the journey to build a movement together. As Steele noted in one interview onscreen with Mack,

“Sheriff Mack inspired in me a burning fire to take his message and mine on the road. I’m the top-dog on three topics: election fraud and reform, Wall Street treason and crime, and Satanic pedophilia with child trafficking. But those topics are not going to be understood by the American people unless they see the solutions that Sheriff Mack represents. Sheriff Mack represents elected Sheriffs deputizing armed engaged citizens to push back against the abuse of power.  And together we represent faith, family, and freedom, which is the covenant.”

People who think like this are sick – and they need to be exposed for what they are – hate mongers.

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