Culture Wars – what we need to do

As I write this, the media is focused on 19 children killed attending school in Uvalde, Texas. Its just another mass shooting to Republican legislators. The Republican politicians want to arm teachers (=harden the schools). Let’s not forget these teachers are the same people the Republicans do not trust to form a curriculum, pick out books, and decide what to teach. So, they don’t want teachers to use books, but they want them to carry guns.

Simultaneously, the Supreme Court is on track to end Roe v Wade. Some states have already put laws in place making abortions completely illegal even in cases of rape, incest, and ectopic pregnancies (left to nature ectopic pregnancies will always result in the death of the mother). Republicans are going to use vigilantes to find people who help women get abortions – and reward them with taxpayer dollars. In a few days the Supreme Court is expected to deliver a verdict on New York gun laws – by declaring them unconstitutional. With this decision – the court will make all states equally unsafe – you can get shot  anywhere.

Mass shootings, laws against abortion, and banning books have a shared origin. Far right extremist, members of a religious cult who have taken over the GOP and the Supreme Court. The extremists are all members of the GOP.

The one political party that has extreme views on the US constitution and human life in general are influenced by two quite different lobbying interest: the gun manufactures and radical far-right religion. The hypocrisy here is difficult to miss. These two special interest groups buy the votes of politicians to enforce their agenda.

The path forward for Democrats is clear we need to make them own these bats*** crazy ideas.