Take Action

“You can only protect your liberties in this world by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can only be free if I am free.”

—Clarence Darrow

Active Campaigns

Below are political activities and campaigns – previously highlighted above or on our events page – that you can engage in year round, including writing letters and postcards to potential voters, writing letters to the editor, participating in phone banks, attending regular meetings, or volunteering in other ways. Please click on the links to be directed to the campaign website.

  1. Contact your U.S. Representative and ask them to support the infrastructure bill (summary here) and thank the Republican Senators who supported the bill. Their contact information is here.
  2. Write an Op-Ed on Voting Rights
  3. The Civics Center – Postcard Campaign to Register Young Voters
  4. The Sierra Club – Register Arizonans to Vote

Be Informed

Take Action

Register to Vote

Are you new to Quail Creek? Or maybe you are a snowbird who still votes in a solidly red or blue state. Make your voice heard and your vote count! Register to vote in one of the country’s most important battleground states! Visit the Pima County Recorder’s office by clicking on the button below, which will take you to their voter registration page.

Get Engaged

Many Arizona political organizations share our values and are seeking to build a stronger, fairer, more inclusive state. These groups provide information on candidates, elections, and volunteer opportunities. Many also provide valuable training about how to be an effective participant in our democracy. Be sure to follow them (and us!) on Facebook so you can keep up with their most recent information and events.