In this thought provoking opinion piece, Bill Hogseth, Chair of the Dunn County Democratic Party in Wisconsin, lays out the deep challenges facing many rural counties and the reasons why so many rural people voted for President Trump, despite many having a strong distaste for his personal qualities. He argues that they did so out of a sense of desperation at the decline of once vibrant rural communities. Much like Walmart wiped out many small mom and pop stores, he argues that agricultural monopolies have squeezed family farms to the point where they can no longer survive. He makes a compelling argument in favor of tackling these monopolies in order to help revitalize rural communities, but cautions that it will take time for the Democratic Party to rebuild trust in rural areas. You can read the full article in Politico here.


I am a retired science educator and naturalist. My research focuses on reptiles, mostly snakes. Also, I am interested in dogs and their evolution. Protecting the environment should be a high priority for everyone, particularly politicians. They seem to be in denial over the idea that the environment is our life support system - once it's damaged, it may not be fixable.