The Arizona map showing which counties went for Kelly and which counties went for Masters

Democrats have somethings to be happy about, we still have two Democratic Senators, and a new Democratic governor, and both the Secretary of State and  Attorney General  are Democrats.

The challenge here is to get things done. Arizona is badly in need of an overhaul of public education. Public Schools need to be funded completely and the faculties need to be professionalized. This is not going to happen with the current Superintendent of Schools.

The school voucher program is a give-away to exploitive entrepreneurs who no knowing about education.  And, we are looking at another four years of K-12 students falling behind. Another four years of corporations not moving to Arizona because of the broken educational system. And, another four years of high school graduates at a disadvantage for college admission and jobs.

 There has been little change in the make-up of the State Legislature. Unofficial results have 16 Republicans and 14 Democrats. The House is at 31 Republicans and 29 Democrats. We can anticipate some crazy pieces of legislation coming. Fortunately, we can depend on the veto from the Governor.

DCQC needs to look at the 2024 elections and plan for adding competent politicians. We need to recruit people and work on the wall of lies, disinformation, and negative perceptions the Maga Cult has been spewing.


• Senator Mark Kelly re-elected to a 6 year term
• Katie Hobbs elected Governor
• Adrian Fontes elected Secretary of State
• Kris Mayes elected Attorney General (Automatic recount – 500 votes)
• Kathy Hoffman lost to Tom Horne by 9,000 for Superintendent of Public Instruction
• Sandra Kennedy was not re-elected for the Arizona Corporation Commission
• David Schweiker re-elected over Jevin Hodge for CD1
• Eli Crane elected over Tom O’Halleran for CD2
• Ruben Gallego re-elected to new CD3
• Greg Stanton re-elected for CD4
• Andy Biggs re-elected for CD5
• Juan Ciscomani defeats Kirsten Engel for CD6
• Raul Grijalva re-elected to new CD7
• Debbie Lesko re-elected to new (no challenger)
• Paul Gosar re-elected to new CD9 (no challenger)

There were a number of propositions on the ballot and here is the status:

• 128 – Failed – Relating to initiative and referendum (state legislature authority)
• 129 – Passed- Relating to initiative measures (single item)
• 130 – Passed – Relating to property tax exemptions
• 131 – Passed – Relating to the lieutenant governor
• 132 – Passed – Requires 60% approval for initiative tax proposals
 • 209 – Passed – Relating to predatory debt collection protection

• 211 – Passed – Relating to dark money in campaign spending

• 308 – Passing 51.3% > 48.6 – Relating to students tuition
• 309 – Failed – Relating to voter identification
• 310 – Failed – Relating to taxation benefitting fire districts

“Rep. Andres Cano LD20 has been elected House Minority Leader. Other leadership positions went to Rep-elect Lupe Contreras as assistant leader, Rep.Melody Hernandez and Rep. Marcelino Quinonez as Co-Whips.”

“Senator Warren Petersen has been considered for Senate President and Rep. Ben Toma for House Speaker. Both are extremely right-wing members and could push for some very controversial legislation.” AEA


I am a retired science educator and naturalist. My research focuses on reptiles, mostly snakes. Also, I am interested in dogs and their evolution. Protecting the environment should be a high priority for everyone, particularly politicians. They seem to be in denial over the idea that the environment is our life support system - once it's damaged, it may not be fixable.

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