The only people voting on this will be Cochise County residents. But, you can help by donating a few dollars to the recall effort. And, alerting your friends in Cochise County.

In order to trigger a recall, The Committee to Recall Tom Crosby has 120 days to gather 4,865 signatures.

by Summer Hom

Petitions are now circulating to recall Cochise County Supervisor Tom Crosby. The Committee to Recall Tom Crosby says the reason is tied to Crosby’s refusal to certify the 2022 midterm election, an act that violated Arizona election law.

In order to trigger a recall, The Committee to Recall Tom Crosby has 120 days to gather 4,865 signatures within district one of Cochise County. Cochise County Elections Director Lisa Marra said that only those who reside within Crosby’s district can sign petitions.

Eric Suchodolski, the chair of the committee, said the committee was formed out of frustration that Crosby, a Republican, delayed certification past the Nov. 28 deadline, which threatened to place more than 47,000 votes on the chopping block from last November’s election canvas.

“They should be angry — I would say — because potentially their vote might not have counted,” said Suchodolski, who said the committee filed paperwork on Jan. 3.

While a Pima County judge ordered the Cochise County Board of Supervisors to certify the election on Dec. 1 in an emergency meeting, Crosby did not attend and he did not vote in that meeting to certify. Supervisors Ann English and Peggy Judd both voted to certify, and the county’s votes were included in the state canvas.

For Suchodolski, this recall effort is to prevent Crosby from obstructing future elections.

“Do we want this to happen again? said Suchodolski. “He will be there for the 2024 election … We need a supervisor who’s going to follow the law.”

Marra said that the number of signatures required to trigger a recall of an elected official depends on the number of ballots cast for the elected positions. She said that 25% of the votes cast in the last election for that office determines the total needed to trigger a recall for that position.

“In this case, there were 19,460 votes cast for the office,” said Marra in an email. “25% of the votes is 4,865 signatures required … If the signatures are valid, it triggers an election, the person may resign in which case an election is still held because there could be write-in candidates.”

Suchodolski invites those interested to visit the committee’s website at


I am a retired science educator and naturalist. My research focuses on reptiles, mostly snakes. Also, I am interested in dogs and their evolution. Protecting the environment should be a high priority for everyone, particularly politicians. They seem to be in denial over the idea that the environment is our life support system - once it's damaged, it may not be fixable.

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