We live here but our life support system is out there

Two industrial projects threaten to damage the environmental quality and ecological integrity in the Sahuarita-Green Valley area. These projects will make the local environment less inhabitable for humans and the local flora and fauna. We (DCQC) are joining Save the Scenic Santa Ritas, Friends of Madera Canyon, and Concerned Citizens of Sahuarita in opposing threats to environmental quality and ecological integrity. We should all be working to maintain and sustain our life support system. We realize that the people who oppose these values do so because of conflicting financial interests and the misguided idea that the economy must have priority over all other issues. Much of this can be corrected with education. Join Us.


I am a retired science educator and naturalist. My research focuses on reptiles, mostly snakes. Also, I am interested in dogs and their evolution. Protecting the environment should be a high priority for everyone, particularly politicians. They seem to be in denial over the idea that the environment is our life support system - once it's damaged, it may not be fixable.

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